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Special New Pfanner Chainsaw Trousers

We love to support our loyal customers and during this challenging period Pfanner have worked hard to produce a more budget focussed chainsaw protective trouser.

The new chainsaw trousers are perfect for people who are new to the industry or only use a chainsaw occassionally and want to wear the Pfanner brand that is trusted globally for comfort and safety. Keeping the design as a classic Pfanner style was important. When you wear these trousers you can be confident that the 30 years of Pfanner experience has been applied to this design.

These new Keprotec trousers have been specially produced to celebrate 30 years of Pfanner. We have a limited supply of these limited edition trousers and when stocks are gone, they are gone.

Stock is now in the UK and available to order from all of our approved stockists.

Priced at only £175 + VAT. Saving £50 + VAT or £60 + VAT compared to our Type A premium models "Ventilation" and "Arborist".