A+A Trade Show 2019

a a show protos wall
a a show pfanner
a a show entrance
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The A+A Trade Show is the world's largest and most important event for safe and healthy workers

Outwear visited Dusseldorf in November for a few days to support the Pfanner and Protos teams on their stand and enjoyed speaking with visitors from all over the world that were interested in the brands. It was also good to catch up with a number of exisiting UK customers as well as meeting some potential new partners.

The colourful wall of Protos Integral helmets was very eye catching and helped to attract a lot of visitors. Some new clothing for the outdoors and industrial markets were also making their debut. While the BT-Com continues to be a very popular solution to workplace communication in noisy environments.

The sheer size of the A+A Trade Fair is difficult to comprehend, so here are some numbers to give you an insight. There were 2,121 exhibitors from 63 different countries, located in 10 halls that total around 78,000 square metres. This year, the world famous event attracted more than 73,000 visitors. The show is so large that it attracts all the leading brands and during the show we were fortunate to also meet up with two of our other suppliers; Woolpower and Crispi.

As is always the case at these events, a lot of the discussion takes place around the dinner table, and I was again honoured to join the Pfanner team at their hotel for some good food and conversation and not to mention sharing the journeys in the Pfanner bus.