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Woolpower Factory Tour in northern Sweden

Outwear enjoyed another visit to the head office and factory of Woolpower, located in Ostersund, Sweden. Here is a little insight into our visit and some images of the manufacturing process.

The fact that all of Woolpower's garments are manufactured in the same factory in northern Sweden is very special. Located at 63 degrees north, the workers here truly understand cold weather and how important their role is in ensuring that the clothing they make helps to keep their customers warm.

The Woolpower Production Process

  • The yarn arrives at one end of the factory
  • The wool is knitted by the machines
  • The knitted fabric is then washed, heated and folded
  • The next step is to cut the fabric into the correct shapes ready for the seamstresses
  • The Woolpower seamstresses then sewing the pieces of fabric together to make the garment
  • Each seamstress makes the whole garment and when happy adds their name and then folds the item ready for packaging

There are lots of great videos of what makes Woolpower unique and very special on our YouTube channel. Check them out for more information and insight into Woolpower.