About the Protos® Helmet

Protos® - translated from ancient Greek THE FIRST - is the world's first integrated safety helmet of its kind. After a period in excess of 12 years of development, this Austrian company has achieved their goal. The aim was to develop a safety helmet that could integrate ear, facial and neck protection, as well as chin strap and rear ventilation between the inner and outer shells. Allow yourself to be impressed with the best head protection in the world!

Each Protos® helmet is based on the model, 'Industry'. The same shell along with an uncomplicated, modular principle, gives you the ability to transform the Protos® helmet for any mission. It is possible for any accessories, such as the Integrated Protective Glasses, Integrated Visor, Maclip Light or the Protos® Bluetooth Communication System to be easily added or removed.

Protos® helmets are distributed exclusively by Outwear across the UK and Ireland.

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