Woolpower Protection FR

Woolpower Protection FR Range

Wool is made of keratin, a substance that has low flammability and doesn't melt. Wearing a base layer that doesn't melt means it takes longer for heat to affect the body, which can reduce the severity of burn injuries.

It is a challenge to make underwear that offers good insulation from the cold while also protecting the body according to ISO standardsfor PPE. You want to minimise the amount of oxygen in order to not feed the flames while trying to trap as much air as possible close to the body to optimise the insulation effect.

At Woolpower we have worked hard to optimise the combination of insulation and protection.

As a result, we have developed our Woolpower Protection product range, made for the high demands of the professional user and conforming to specific EN standards, such as Flame Resistance, Antistatic or Electric Arc.

As part of our responsibility to the environment we don't add chemicals, such as Bromide, in order to achieve flame resistance. Instead we get it from the characteristics in the fibre composition.

For maximum protection we recommend using our entire line of certified garments together with appropriately certified outer garments.