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Woolpower Boxer Protection Lite range
  • Woolpower Boxer Protection Lite range

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Woolpower Boxers Protection Lite

Woolpower's Protection Lite unisex boxers are made from a combination of Merino Wool and Lenzing FR to provide Flame Resistance, Antistatic and Electric Arc protection.

Designed to be worn as undergarments, the boxers are soft and comfortable against the skin, including the smooth elastic waistband with knitted-in logo.

THE PROTECTION LITE fabric is flat-knit. That means that heat is conducted more easily from the skin and out through the garment. This in turn makes the Protection LITE products perfect as a cooler alternative, for high-level activity and/or warmer temperatures.

The 19.5-micron Merino wool combined with 38% Lenzing FR with no more seams than absolutely necessary makes a very soft, smooth and stretchy garment.

Protection LITE still provides insulation, but more importantly its Merino wool adapts to temperature and activity level.

Protection LITE meets specific EN standards, such as Flame Resistance, Antistatic and Electric Arc. It also complies with ASTM standards in the US.

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